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she goes out and steals the king's english
Right, so. This fic requires me to talk a little bit about why I wrote it; that, as it happens, is just the nature of this particular beast. My apologies--I generally attempt to avoid doing this sort of thing, but in this case, it’s kind of important to me, so:

I am not, in any noticeable way, in the Glee fandom. I watch the show, largely because I marathoned the first two seasons last spring in a drugged, post-surgical haze and could not quit it; I pop up every once with an opinion or a feel on tumblr, but by and large I’m not all that invested. However! This season, Glee bungled a lesbian storyline so fucking badly that it still boggles my mind, and I just. There’s bad storytelling, and then there’s irresponsible storytelling, and then there’s setting up easily one of the most horrifying concepts I can imagine and not doing any proper follow through, and...rrrgh.

I started writing this story the night “Mash-Off” aired, and then I stopped, halfway through, and didn’t touch it again until today. I, myself, went through the experience of being a queer teenage girl in Ohio, and large swathes of this story are based on my own experience, and the experiences of my peers; I worried that I’d be cutting too close to home, that I’d be crossing the dangerous line into the territory of self-insert, that my visceral emotional reaction to this storyline would prevent me from writing anything about it in a readable way. But the thing is, there are stories that aren’t being told, stories about girls and women who are trying to figure it out like anyone else, and if us queer girls from swing states aren’t going to tell them ourselves, no one is going to tell them for us.

So this is the story of how it could have gone for Santana, of how I think it would have gone for Santana, in the aftermath of what happened in “Mash-Off.” This is the story of high school and what happened after; this is the story of a girl growing up and figuring it out. And, yeah, you know what, a little bit it’s my story, and a little bit it’s the story of every brilliant, beautiful queer girl I’ve met who’s called this state home, and mostly it’s just one of a hundred thousand stories I wish the media was telling, because they are so worth hearing, every last one of them. ♥

Title: Rumor Has It
Pairing: Santana/Brittany, Santana/OFC [background Kurt/Blaine]
Rating: NC-17
Warning: This story contains the use of several slurs for the word "lesbian," a few depictions of aggressive, unwelcome male attention, one of which contains a nasty spot of racism. Please read, or not, accordingly. ♥
Notes: This story picks up from the end of "Mash-Off," and runs along an alternate timeline from there.
Summary: In which Santana Lopez learns the hard way that a life can never be ruined, only lived, and lived, and lived.

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she goes out and steals the king's english
Filed under: for Postcard like everything is, Postcard's fault like everything is, decidedly the most viciously screwed up thing I've ever written, structure for structure's sake, these nasty fucks are fucking nasty, and, of course, WHOOPS THIS IS SO MUCH FUCKING LONGER THAN I MEANT IT TO BE.

Title: relentless unheroic necessary
Pairing: Jim Moriarty/Seb Moran
Rating: R (and it's a hard fucking R)
Warnings: Jesus, where do I start. Uh. Graphic violence, murder, internal narration of psychopaths, loss of a parent, loss of grip on reality, power play, pain play, elements of D/s play, discussions of bullying, discussions of torture.
Summary: A swimming pool, a desert, two, the ends of sentences, guns, a future in the cards and a tiger in the brush and no one ever tells you: antiheroes have more fun.

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she goes out and steals the king's english
Happy New Year, everybody! To start off 2012, I thought I'd, er, randomly pound out a fic for a pairing I love but don't normally write; I straight-up failed to sign up for Yuletide this year (last year, technically?), by mistake as opposed to by design, so this is my outside-my-normal-bounds offering.

The title here is pulled from Richard Siken's "a litany in which certain things are crossed out," and, as ever (but especially this time) this is both for and because of postcardmystery, who makes all my words possible. ♥

Title: build me a city, call it jerusalem
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: R
Warning: This story contains, as a necessity to the plot device, a number of retellings/reinterpretations of Judeo-Christian stories and themes. If that sort of thing is likely to upset you one way or the other, you should probably consider giving this tale a pass. ♥
Summary: Man begets man begets The Tales of Men, and there's nothing godly in that, because Those Above and Them Below haven't any real need for the stories humans have been hungry for since the snake and the Angel with the flaming sword.

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she goes out and steals the king's english
13 December 2011 @ 12:12 am
Right, so, I am behind on any number of things, there are many posts I need to make, but first, we have this story. What happened here, in a nutshell, is as follows: the incredibly, amazingly, impossibly generous esteefee approached me about doing a commissioned-for-charity story. In exchange for a donation to the Cleveland City Mission, an org that does an INCREDIBLE amount of good for my city, she wanted a story from Steve's point of view that dealt with Tony's assorted and sundry daddy issues--I think you guys can imagine why this was a winning proposition to me.

And then she was kind and supportive and the best cheerleader ever when, in a turn of events that will probably surprise no one, this turned into 15,000 words of Steve's point of view on Ready, Fire, Aim. Because she's awesome.

A few quick things before we start--the Cleveland City Mission's webpage can be found here, and there's also a charity mentioned in this story called Project Reach Youth, which is a very real organization that I absolutely, entirely fictionalized for the purposes of this story. However! The reason I did not just invent a random charity for use in this tale is that Project Reach Youth, like the Cleveland City Mission, like all the nonprofit orgs out there doing so much good for so many people, is always in need of donations from those who are able to give, and I figured a shout-out couldn't hurt. I MAKE NO CLAIMS OF REPRESENTING ANY OF THE VIEWPOINTS OF ANYONE BUT MYSELF ETC, but if you're interested in learning more about, or donating to, either org, you may do so through the websites linked above.

Title: Momentum
Rating: R
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Wordcount: 15,300
Author's Note: This is Steve's side of the story Ready, Fire, Aim; you should probably read that before you read this. All of my thanks to postcardmystery, sheafrotherdon, siriaeve, and, of course, esteefee, without whom this story would never have been written at all.
Summary: It doesn't matter who you are; eventually, everyone's past catches up to them.

Momentum, 1/2Collapse )
she goes out and steals the king's english
12 December 2011 @ 11:15 pm
For author's note, summary, etc., please see Part One.

Momentum [2/2]Collapse )
she goes out and steals the king's english
Right, so, here's what happened: siriaeve and I decided to co-write a little ficlet for sheafrotherdon, who had a long day. And we drafted it all out in chat, as you do, and then Siria took it and DID ALL THE HARD WORK WHILST I GAPED IN DELIGHT AND GLEE, because she is the objective best, and I love her. Anything that is awesome in this story is her, and anything that is less than awesome was my totally my fault, the end.

Indecent Proposal | Steve/Tony | 2600 words | co-written by siriaeve and gyzym
On the plus side, marriage is bound to be easier than proposing.
Here, on Ao3.
she goes out and steals the king's english
Filed under: that awkward moment when you blink and you're 27,000 words into the sequel of Ready, Fire, Aim and you have the sudden, terrible realization that the remaining plot you've got left to write is actually going to have to be a third story, because the whole thing turns out to be a trilogy, who knew? Oh, god, I have nothing to say for myself.

My endless thanks to sheafrotherdon, whose continued willingness to police my increasingly terrible stylistic choices is mindblowing, and postcardmystery, who, in the liner notes of my life, is probably best described as either "arbiter of sanity" or "most beloved." ♥

Title: Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
Pairing: Steve/Tony [Pepper/Natasha, Rhodey/Bucky, past Tony/Pepper]
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 27,000
Author's Notes: Again, this is the sequel to Ready, Fire, Aim; it'll probably make more sense if you read that first.
Summary: As it turns out, fighting crime is the easy part.

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she goes out and steals the king's english
Filed under: things I wrote at work because I was bored and GDocs wouldn't open; things that aren't in my usual style; things that are really mostly Tony Stark genfic; things that have Richard Siken meta titles because I'm an asshole; things that are entirely postcardmystery's fault.

Title: it should follow, you know this (like the panels of a comic strip)
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Four, eleven, fifteen, twenty-one, thirty-six, forty, as old as he's always been, too young, and everyone knows Tony Stark.

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