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we ain't got no money, honey, but we got rain gyzym

elrhiarhodan August 21 2014, 19:09

It's Thursday and a word about Desolate Places

I've been going back and forth, debating with myself for the better part of two weeks, and as much as it pains me to do it, I need to put Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places on hiatus for a couple of weeks.

There is actually one more unpublished chapter and I thought about posting it today, but decided against it for a couple of reasons. Primarily, because Chapter Twenty ends with the most important scene in the whole story - the scene most readers (I think) had been waiting for. This is a natural point to pause and take a breather.

What comes now is the ending of the story, and there are still twists and turns and many problems yet to be sorted out. But there comes a point, when writing serially, that it becomes difficult to actually end the story - to find the natural point of conclusion. I need to take a few weeks and write the rest of the story in a single go, without the pressure of weekly posting - otherwise it feels like it might never come to an end.

The goal is to finish my White Collar Big Bang over the next week or so, then focus on finishing Desolate Places. I will recommence posting no later than the first week of October. If everything goes according to plan, I'll actually be posting sooner than that, but I don't want to promise and not deliver.

Thank you to all my readers who have been so patiently following this story, for leaving feedback and encouraging me for so many months. You have my deepest apologies for needing to take this hiatus.

And because it's Thursday, you all deserve this:

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sheafrotherdon August 21 2014, 16:51

No subject

Today feels like a promising day. This week has been a tough one, not only because I got socked with depression, but because I forgot all my good coping techniques and sank into "you're failing, you suck." Agh, depression is such a bully! But day by day things have been improving, and today I feel like I can actually tackle some of my job, which is a blessing.

Does anyone have any good recipes for one-pot cooking, by the way? I'm not talking a slow cooker, which I don't have, but rather something I can make a vat of and then freeze to eat over time. I have some classics that I make - West African peanut soup; chicken noodle soup; turkey tagine - but I'd be glad to have a bigger repertoire. I'm thinking that if I can dedicate a day to cooking, I can overcome the fatigue I feel when I'm faced with a decision about dinner every night, and that would be such a boon.

Today I have to tackle the new cable box and modem that the UPS just delivered. My cable company (Comcast) called me and said, hey, you're paying full retail on your cable package and you've been a good customer, so how about we give you 60 more channels for less money, and there's no contract, so you can cancel at anytime. Whaaaaaaaaat? So I said yes, and they sent me the cable box and modem to set up myself, which is going to be interesting, because I have no faith in my ability to get the right cable in the right place, much less get myself on the internet. I may have to ignore my PT's advice and have a second cup of tea today, just to ready myself.

Like everyone else, I'm sure, I've been glued to the news coming out of Ferguson - especially the news coming through my twitter feed and tumblr's 'Ferguson' tag. (Heads up on the latter - while the majority of that feed is made up of great analysis, personal stories, and links to what's happening on the ground provided by people who are there, you'll occasionally trip over someone who's totally clueless (why can't we all just get along? / I don't see race!) or worse, someone who's actively a white supremacist. Keep your own self-care in mind when going in.) I'm so grateful to everyone who's spreading the word about the abuses of power happening in Ferguson - I don't really remember ever seeing Twitter and Tumblr act so powerfully as agents of storytelling before, getting out an alternate narrative to so much of what's being reported in the mainstream news. (I may, of course, be completely ignorant of times when it's been so in the past - I certainly haven't used Tumblr this way before, and neglect my Twitter account for months at a time.)

The teachers in my small town are on strike right now. The issue isn't related to salaries but safety - classrooms full of mold, cracked asbestos tiles, other manifestations of deep neglect. What's been so encouraging is to see the town rally around them, with people dropping off ice and water and sandwiches and coffee at all hours of the day and night (they're maintaining a 24/7 picket). And then the other day, out of the blue, Billy Bragg showed up and sang them all union songs. That's a pretty great pinprick of light.
esteefee August 20 2014, 22:25

Ferguson, Missouri

I have to write about Ferguson, because it's just unbelievable, and what I'm seeing is hurting my stomach. But I won't go on about the things you already know: that an 18 year-old was shot down and it's pretty obvious from all the witness accounts the cop had no justification, that his fellow officers are just circling the wagons against what they perceive is a threat to their white privilege.
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copperbadge August 20 2014, 16:30

No subject

Today, for work, I researched a psychologist who once treated me.


Fortunately ethics and confidentiality prevent both of us from revealing what we know about the other, so technically I'm in some kind of endless informational standoff with a woman who doesn't know I know how much her home is worth.

My job is super-weird sometimes.
esteefee August 19 2014, 12:32

New Raksura book coming out!

bwee! New Raksura coming out soon! Two novellas and some short stories. The ebook will be available as early as Sept. 2nd, with more coming in April.

More details here.

If you haven't yet read the Raksura novels, I highly, highly recommend you do. Incredible world-building, characters you will fall in love with, and dynamics between them that are fresh and fascinating. Start with The Cloud Roads.

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bauble August 19 2014, 04:51

Here's a right royal treat

Been a while since I've posted some recs. I'm happy to report there's still fantastic art and fic being posted in Inception fandom!

In case anyone missed it, motetus drew some outstanding art for There's got to be a morning after here. It's like she saw into my mind and created something even more beautiful than I could imagine.

motetus also posted a gorgeous piece wherein Arthur is an paramedic here. Why yes, I would like some mouth to mouth resuscitation, thank you.

Witling wrote a lovely long (19,000ish) story called Our Man in Africa here.

inceptiversary's been doing a last writer standing challenge these past few weeks, and one drabble I particularly enjoyed was lezzerlee's Mirage.

And of course, there is all the amazing art that was submitted for i_reversebang & all the amazing fic that will be written.

I'm still currently working on Chapter 9 of There's got to be a morning after, which is currently rounding on 27,000 words. I hope to finish the chapter soon and have it off to be the betas.
copperbadge August 18 2014, 12:30

No subject

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

There has been a lot of talk about Ferguson, Missouri this week, and rightly so, and I wanted to take a moment to address it. It can be difficult to sort out what's true and what's not, especially with what appears to be biased media reporting and what is certainly manipulation of the media by police in Ferguson at the moment.

[insanejournal.com profile] shusu has a post up about the events in Ferguson here. I haven't fact-checked the post, but it is pro-protestor, which I believe with regards to Ferguson right now is the proper stance to have, and it contains information about news resources. I have also reblogged a post here containing links to news resources and ways you can help the people of Ferguson. You can also visit the Mike Brown Law petition here and add your support to the petition for a new federal law requiring all law enforcement officers to wear a camera while on duty. (When put into practice, initial studies suggest that body cameras on officers reduce incidents of police brutality, and also complaints regarding police brutality, by 50% or more.)

Ways To Give:

[tumblr.com profile] mouseolaw linked to a fundraiser for the son of a friend, who has Type I Diabetes and is raising funds to get a diabetes alert dog. You can read more about the fundraiser here and support Adam's nearly-there gofund me here.

etakyma and [tumblr.com profile] rach366 both linked to a fundraiser to help get Bristol, a young girl with Rett Syndrome, from Nebraska to Boston for a clinical trial that could help in ameliorating her disease. You can read more and support the fundraiser here.

[tumblr.com profile] primarybufferpanel is raising funds to get out of long-term unemployment and procure disability aid by selling hand-knitted items, hand-dyed superwash yarn, and other fiber products. You can support her through her Etsy store here.

merboo linked to a fundraiser for a comic artist to receive his top surgery, which insurance won't cover. You can read more and give to the fund here and check out his webcomic and store here.

Erik linked to [tumblr.com profile] harrimaniac27, who has been accepted to the paramedic program at University of New Mexico, but due to a financial aid mix-up he owes a little over a thousand dollars to UNM, which needs to be paid off by September. You can read more about his situation here, and give to his "paramedic fund" here.

[personal profile] samskeyti linked to a fundraiser to help save the Star Observer, an Australian not-for-profit GLBTI publication that has covered queer issues for the past 35 years. You can read more and support the Star Observer's fundraiser here.

[personal profile] akatonbo linked to a fundraiser for a cat owner who lost her job after extended illness, and needs help covering vet bills their cat, Mohawk. You can read more about their situation here and help with Mohawk's vet bills here.

Help For Free:

grey_bard is looking for recommendations for general practitioners/family doctors/primary care doctors in NYC. You can send your recommendations to fitzrose at gmail.msn.com.

NG linked to an online project to create a more representative version of the "Time 100" most influential people list. They have nominations open and are requesting a number of different demographic nominations based on world population statistics. I haven't examined the project in detail (I'm not sure where those stats are coming from) so I'm putting a little bit of a caveat on this one, but you can read more and participate here.

Anon let me know that the Smithsonian in DC is seeking volunteers to help with a massive project digitizing their archives. You can read more and find links to the volunteer signups here.

Just For Fun:

jadesfire linked to an article about E Forbes Smiley III, a map thief who raided rare libraries from 2002-2005. There's a new book out about him, and you can get more info on his escapades and the book here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!).
copperbadge August 16 2014, 14:55

No subject

 FYI guys, for those who asked about it, you can see a terribly-lit but well-narrated shot of my terrace garden here

It mostly just looks like pots of dirt right now, but I promise almost all of them have sprouts. One of the Stevia cups failed to thrive, and I just added a second bowl of California poppies that have yet to sprout, but otherwise everything's at least coming up. The onions seem a little apathetic, I won't lie.

I might be a little obsessive about this garden. It's just nice to go in there once in a while and chill out. 
sheafrotherdon August 15 2014, 17:38

addendum to my last entry

I woke up feeling in very low spirits this morning - depressed, anxious, uncertain. And it only occurred to me a few moments ago that what I'm feeling are the emotions of my twenty-two-year-old self. What a glimpse back to how traumatized I was, even as I was making a life-saving choice.

My therapist and I have talked about the emotional resonance of anniversaries time and time again. I probably should have seen this coming; at least I worked out it pretty early in the day.

Brains. I ask you.
sheafrotherdon August 15 2014, 15:59

Twenty years

It's twenty years today since I moved to the United States.

I was twenty-two years old, freshly graduated with a BA in American Studies, blessed to hold a fellowship that would allow me to study for a Masters degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. That fellowship meant I didn't have to take the GRE (if only I had known at the time what a gift that was!) and provided me with a TA position. I was paid $11,000 a year, from which I paid all my tuition (roughly half of my income). I had no credit cards, and my family had no money to supplement my income. Indeed, the whole reason I looked to the US for my graduate work was because there was no money in the UK to go to graduate school. I'd looked, when offered a PhD position at a university there, but there were no fellowships, scholarships, or government loans that would cover it. The only option was to go to a bank for a private loan, and they told me they'd only loan for something "useful", like agriculture.

Coming to the States saved my life. I couldn't have told you that at the time - I was thirty-four before I really understood it. But I moved away from abuse and my abuser, and slowly but surely I began to live. I stayed in school, and had access to free therapy because of it, and that couldn't have been more vital. And I got to discover my life's work - not just my job, but my want to see justice in the world - which was desperately unclear to me when I left the UK.

It's time to begin the process of becoming a citizen - this is my home, now; my life is wholly here. Affording that process is far from easy, but I'll make it happen somehow. And today I am simply awash with gratitude, thinking of myself at twenty-two, traumatized and frightened and yet willing to risk everything on moving to a country where I knew no one. I'm glad I can tell that girl she was brave, and that I'm here because of her. Here's to many years more.
copperbadge August 15 2014, 15:41

No subject


Normally I'd be way happier about this, but you guys, like half my poppies just keeled over and gave up the ghost between 5pm yesterday and now. I might have to buy a space heater. IN AUGUST.


It has been a very cold summer. I don't object. But it does worry me a little because while I could deal with a super-cold winter, what if we're using up all the cold right now.

esteefee August 15 2014, 07:45

nom nom nom

hey! so, this hasn't happened that I know of: one of my SGA stories has been nominated by some unknown person! For the No Rest for the Wicked Awards in the Dream a Little Dream of Me (best romance/fluff) category. The story is The Richness of the Rain (John/Rodney, NC-17).

If you have nominations of your own for this or any other category, please hit up the nominations page for rules and stuff. You are allowed to self-nominate without shame. Stories are apparently judged by a panel. Nominations close August 25th. You can nominate works in any of these fandoms:

Angel, Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek(any of the shows including the movies), Stargate(any of the Stargate shows), Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, X-Files.

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