September 21st, 2010

Arms up!

Inception Fic: A Whole New World, Arthur/Eames, PG13 to R [1/2]

...and then I stayed up until 4 AM finishing a crackfic so long I'm going to have to split it into two posts. I have nothing to say for myself, you guys. I have absolutely nothing to say for myself.

Title: A Whole New World
Pairing: Arthur/Eames (side Cobb/Saito)
Rating: Hard PG13 to light R
Summary: In which Cobb decides two babysitters are better than one, Saito proves that money can buy happiness, and Eames is excellent with children. Oh, and Arthur's a fucking Disney princess.
Author's Note: First of all, a MASSIVE FUCKING THANK YOU to elrhiarhodan, who let me send this to her bit by bit and assured me that I was not, in fact, crazy. Or not any crazier than usual, anyway. Also, this happened because I was browsing around on inception_kink and found several prompts casting Arthur as various Disney princesses. And then, because I'm irresponsible like that, I lost them. PLEASE LINK ME IF YOU SEE THEM, as I believe I filled, uh, all of them, and I'd like to post this/thank people for providing such a hilarious idea/etc.
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And now, without further ado...

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