February 2nd, 2020

Arms up!

greetings and salutations

HEY THERE. I'm gyzym, which makes me that girl your mother warned you about, assuming your mother thought to caution you about long-winded Jewish bisexual writer-types who accidentally named themselves after semen. You can call me Jizz or Jizzy; don't worry, everyone else does.

At one point this journal consisted almost entirely of fanfiction, which I continue to churn out like mad whenever I've got a free moment. However, at some point what limited self-control I had abandoned me entirely, and now this is a space full of fanfiction and assorted other nonsense. I post about queer theory, feminism, my lunatic relations and their increasingly nonsensical antics, Judaism, poetry, music, hilarious shit I have found on the internet, food, and, obviously, fandom. Every couple month I host a round of what I call the Inspiration Meme, where folks use the comments to post their favorite poems, songs, artwork, videos, etc. I've written fanfic for Hawaii 5-0, Inception, Sherlock Holmes (various incarnations), White Collar, Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, The Brothers Bloom, and a plucky little webcomic called Lackadaisy, but the list is growing all the time. I don't draw--no one wants to see that, trust me--but I occasionally rec fantastic artwork I have found. I do dick around a fair amount and make a lot of jokes; it's okay to laugh at them, even if they're at my own expense.

My tagging system makes approximately no sense at all; I find it hilarious to invent inane, random tags, because, um. Because it is hilarious? Not helpful for organization purposes, but hilarious. Thus, for quick reference, the specific thing you're seeking miiiiight be:

The Fanfiction Masterlist
Inspiration Meme, Round One
Inspiration Meme, Round Two
The "insanity runs in my family" tag
The macro post tag (AKA: hilarious shit what I have found on the internet)
Bisexuality in 5,000 Words
You're Awesome Just The Way You Are
To The Asshole Who Said I Don't Look Jewish
Children of the 90s, Rise Up

[If you're looking for that poll where every choice was Scotty Caan's ass, I apologize. I would link to it, but it was pretty much the peak of my hilarity; I'd hate for you to start there, because nothing else will ever measure up. Also, I can't find it.]

I work hard, as do the awesome folks on my flist, to make this journal a safe space for everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation. We're everything-positive here! You will not find me girl-bashing or making jokes about rape, sexuality, gender identity, or sexual assault, and I will quash anything of that nature that goes on in the comments. You also will not find me apologizing for my opinions, but you will find my apologizing for my mistakes.

Speaking of which, on the topic of problematic elements in my fanworks: should you find something, whilst reading one of my stories, that offends you/is incorrect/could offend others/is in any way problematic, please please please do not hesitate to tell me. I will never spew hate at you, I will never attack you, and I will always thank you for taking the time to let me know.

On friending: you can always go ahead and friend me, you do not need to ask, and you can always go ahead and defriend me, you do not need to apologize. If you'd like, you can leave a little hello in these comments, I'd love to get to know you!

On miscellaneous other things: the LJ name is a nod to Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" (I told you it was an accident), and it's pronounced exactly like you think it's pronounced. Sometimes I talk about Burro and Burrito, my little brothers; Burro's nineteen and a fraternity brother, Burrito's eleven and an aspiring rockstar. Oh, and I have the attention span of a drunk, overstimulated gnat, and I am sometimes terrible about answering comments. It's not you, it's me--believe me, this is one of those circumstances where you can trust that I actually mean that.

I can be found under the same name on Twitter, tumblr, Archive of our Own, Dreamwidth, and delicious. I'm not any saner in any of these places, but hey, a girl can try. ♥